Training Day at Eridge Park (Dec 2011)

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For our first story on the Eye Candy Loaders blog we wanted to share the details of our recent training day at Eridge Park with you through the eyes of two of our lovely loaders, Claire and Ellie. Many thanks to the Eridge Park team for their excellent training, guidance and support on the day as well as our wonderful photographer, Ben Fisher.

Eye Candy Loaders

Eye Candy Loaders Learning the trade

“The long awaited and meticulously planned Eye Candy Loaders training day took place in the crisp winter month of December within the beautiful setting of Eridge Park in Kent. It was here that we were to learn the art of loading a shotgun, this day was not only informative but a great deal of fun & many new experiences.

Growing up in the countryside I’m accustomed to the outdoors and have been to many game shoots with family and friends. However our shoot instructor Tony taught us skills that could take me that one step further to becoming an experienced shooter and gaining my gun licence. The position of a loader is tough demanding work but to us, being outdoors with great company….who would complain!

Taking home skills such as loading different types of shotgun, knowing the best cartridges to use, various styles of clay shooting events and thorough shooting safety, set us up in good stead. After theory off to the fields we went…..for some loading and shooting!

Practising our shooting skills with clays was thrilling and got us into the spirit of the shooting world. The professional shooters with us certainly made sure every action we took was with expertise and excellence.

The whole day was rounded off by a fabulous photo shoot; kitted out in the brand new Eye Candy Loaders uniforms we certainly looked the part and with style, finesse and of course the cuteness of Eye Candy.

It may have been a cold day but the Eye Candy girls never fail to provide a great day whether in training or at a shoot event. Come rain or mud we will always deliver! We simply cannot wait to get out on those Christmas shoots!”



Eye Candy Loaders

The Eye Candy Loaders Team

“I took part in the Eye Candy Loaders training day on Wednesday the 7th of December and what a fantastic day!

It started with a theory session with an amazing instructor, Tony who’s professionalism and knowledge astounded me. Supplied with beautiful little uniforms, consisting of tweed skirts and waxed jackets for protection from the wind in the cold fields, we learnt many things like the different names of shotguns to the scientific structure of the cartridges used.

We then travelled to the estate where the practical session took place. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, game and professionals we learnt how to dismantle all guns, load and practice speed and accuracy. Altogether, I believe the Eye Candy team pulled off an immense training day that should not be missed by anyone.

Full of adrenaline, fun, satisfaction and newly learnt shooting knowledge!”



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Welcome to the Eye Candy Loaders Shooting Blog

divider topEye Candy LoadersHello and Welcome to the NEW Eye Candy Loaders shooting blog. This is where our beautiful loaders will be updating you on our shooting bookings across the UK.

We would love to get you all involved and would appreciate your comments and feedback on any of our loader and shooting related stories. All we ask is that if you do wish to comment you keep your words respectful and in good taste.

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I look forward to reading all your posts!

Rebecca (ECL Managing Director)
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